Dodo Tier


Package Description

This classic Ark dino the Dodo has gotten you on your feet when you first started Ark providing you with a loyal companion and perhaps later, a tasty chicken dinner. Thank you for helping ARKADE! We promise we won't eat you. 

Why would you want a VIP Subscription instead of a One Month VIP?  If you love ARKADE, a VIP Subscription will renew automatically each month, so you don't have to worry about your benefits expiring. You'll enjoy longer Auto Decay Protection instead of just one month. (After you purchase the VIP Subscription, visit all base/dino locations to protect them from Auto Decay). You also receive a Random Chibi, Dino Color Tokens, and a Random Arkade Colored Dino (Each Month).

VIP permissions work on both Survival and Legacy cluster

  • Discord VIP role/color with access to new channels: Discord VIP and Support Tickets *
  • Verbal Thank You in Discord's Friday Fireside Chat in Monthly Subscriber Roll Call (if you choose not to be Anonymous)
  • In-game Name and Text Color
  • Level 225 Custom ARKADE Colored Dino Tier 1 
  • Bonus Coins: 500 ARKADE Coins
  • 2 Dino Color Tokens
  • One Common Chibi
  • Two Months (60 days) Auto Decay Protection for base/dinos! Render all bases and then enjoy extended protection.
  • Each Monthly Sub Renewal: 
    • 550 bonus ARKADE Coins
    • 2 Dino Color Tokens
    • One Common Chibi
    • Level 225 Custom ARKADE Colored Dino Tier 1

For your Dino Color Tokens, refer to this guide:

* With VIP Discord enjoy the following perks:

  • Access to creating Discord Support Tickets
  • View in-game chat in Discord for all clusters
  • Voice your opinions on important server decisions. 
  • You will join VIP Discord role and show up special in Discord, and get access to special test maps if we open for testing.
  • Optional: Get a shout-out in our Friday Fireside community meeting! (You can opt to be Anonymous as well for no shout-out thank you.)