Server Transfer - Mi

5.00 USD

Got raided and decided you've had it with the PvP life? Had it with Survivalist life? Fed up being traumatized by Primal Fear? We offer you a chance to vacation in a permanent home on ARKADE's PvE Legacy cluster! PvE Legacy will never wipe! There are tons of maps to choose from, plenty of space, and even fun role-play/building decor mods! Build a base full of gachas once again. Make new friends!

We will move your character data over and you will retain your levels. We will also move your current coins and Dino Color Tokens over to the PvE Legacy Cluster. We suggest doing a Mind Wipe because the clusters have different mods, and so this will also spawn a mind wipe in your inventory once you're ready.

Please list the Cluster and Map you are transferring from, and the PvE-Legacy Map you would like to travel to.

We offer this transfer from PvP or Survival or Extreme cluster to PvE-Legacy ONLY! These 3 clusters wipe now and then, keep your character progress by transferring on Legacy. Once you're on PvE Legacy if you feel like raiding again or want to be a PvE survivalist again, you'll have to create a new character. We are sorry, but you also cannot take your dinos or any items with you on this transfer.  Please allow up to 12 hours for someone to perform the transfer for you, we will let you know in Discord (include your name) when we are about to do the transition.

Happy journeys!