$5 Dodo Tier One-Tim

5.00 USD

Enjoy the Dodo VIP Tier benefits for one month! 

This classic Ark dino the Dodo has gotten you on your feet when you first started Ark providing you with a loyal companion and perhaps later, a tasty chicken dinner. Thank you for helping ARKADE in our first few months! We promise we won't eat you.

  1. Verbal Thank You in Discord's Friday Fireside Chat in Monthly Donator Roll Call
  2. Discord VIP role/color
  3. Access to new channels: Discord VIP and Support Tickets *
  4. Text shoutout in Discord VIP channel
  5. In-game Name and Text color
  6. Level 50 Dodo, ARKADE-colored (one-time) 
  7. 500 Bonus ARKADE Coins (instant)

* With VIP Discord enjoy the following perks:

  • Access to creating Support Tickets (type -new reason in Discord)
  • View in-game chat in Discord for all clusters
  • Voice your opinions on important server decisions. 
  • You will join VIP Discord role and show up special in Discord, and get access to special test maps if we open for testing.