One-time Open Donati

You decide how much to pay.

This package allows you to donate to  ARKADE without the commitment of a monthly subscription, or an additional donation if you already have a subscription going. With this open-ended donation, you specify the donation amount (minimum is $10). Since it is an open donation, we cannot automatically give ARKADE Coins, please let us know if you'd like us to match the Coins with your donation. (We multiply your donation by 10 and give you that amount of Coins).

We will give you a free Dino Color Token! (Will manually give more if above $10)

Please fill in your name so we know who you are in Discord, or if you prefer to be anonymous.

Thank you for supporting ARKADE! We appreciate your support!

For your color tokens, refer to this guide:

* With VIP Discord enjoy the following perks:

  • Access to creating Support Tickets (type -new reason in Discord)
  • View in-game chat in Discord for all clusters
  • Voice your opinions on important server decisions.¬†
  • You will join VIP Discord role and show up special in Discord, and get access to special test maps if we open for testing.