Raptor Tier Subscrip

100.00 USD

Rawr! We love you so much we could pin you down and gobble you right up!

  1. Verbal Thank You in Discord's Friday Night Fireside Chat in Monthly Donator Roll Call
  2. Discord VIP role/color
  3. Access to Discord VIP channel
  4. In-game Name Color
  5. In-game Text color
  6. 10000 bonus coins (one-time, instant) 
  7. Level 150 Raptor - ARKADE-colored (one-time reward) 
  8. 2x Coin Rate (120 coins/hour)   
  9. 10000 Bonus Arkade Coins (each monthly renewal) 
  10. 5 Dino Color Tokens * NOT available in the one-time VIP purchases, only for subscriptions!
  11. One Very Rare Chibi (random) - only available for subscriptions!

For your color tokens, refer to this guide: