Otter Tier Subscript

25.00 USD

You are Otterly appreciated and for this you get a bonus coin rate while in-game! Keep warm this winter with your cute new Otter and matching Mask so you can be twinsies!

  1. Verbal Thank You in Discord's Friday Night Fireside Chat in Monthly Donator Roll Call
  2. Text mention in Discord/Guilded Announcements
  3. Discord VIP role/color and Access to Discord VIP channel
  4. Level 75 Otter, ARKADE-colored
  5. Bonus Coin Rate: 1.25x (75 coins/hour)
  6. Bonus Coins: 2500 (one-time, instant) 
  7. Bonus Coins: 2500 (each monthly renewal) 
  8. 1 Dino Color Token * NOT available in the one-time VIP purchases, only for subscriptions!
  9. One Uncommon Chibi (random) - only available for subscriptions!
    For your color tokens, refer to this guide: