Otter Tier - PvE VIP

25.00 USD

You are Otterly appreciated and for this you get a bonus coin rate while in-game! Keep warm this winter with your cute new Otter and matching Mask so you can be twinsies!

Why would you want a VIP Subscription instead of a One Month VIP?  If you love ARKADE, a VIP Subscription will renew automatically each month, so you don't have to worry about your benefits expiring. You'll enjoy 3 months Auto Decay Protection instead of just one month. (After you purchase the VIP Subscription, visit all base/dino locations to protect them from Auto Decay for three months). You will also receive Dino Color Tokens, permanent color for your dinos and breeding efforts.

  • Verbal Thank You in Discord's Friday Fireside Chat in Monthly Donator Roll Call
  • Discord VIP role/color with access to new channels: Discord VIP and Support Tickets *
  • Text shoutout in Discord VIP channel
  • In-game Name Color
  • In-game Text color
  • Level 75 Otter, ARKADE-colored (one-time reward) 
  • Bonus Coin Rate: 1.25x (75 coins/hour = 25 coins/20 minute tick)
  • Bonus Coins: 2500 (instant) 
  • 4 Dino Color Tokens 
  • One Uncommon Chibi
  • Three Months (90 days) Auto Decay Protection!
  • Each Monthly Sub Renewal:
    1. 2500 bonus ARKADE coins
    2. 4 Dino Color Tokens

For your Dino Color Tokens, refer to this guide:

* With VIP Discord enjoy the following perks:

  • Access to creating Support Tickets (type -new reason in Discord)
  • View in-game chat in Discord for all clusters
  • Voice your opinions on important server decisions. 
  • You will join VIP Discord role and show up special in Discord, and get access to special test maps if we open for testing.