Bulbdog Tier Subscr

10.00 USD

Like a lovable dog, who can resist the Bulbdog's happy grin? We would pat you on the back if we could for your loyalty to ARKADE!

  1. Verbal Thank You in Discord's Friday Night Fireside Chat in Monthly Donator Roll Call
  2. Text mention in Discord Announcements
  3. Discord VIP role/color and Access to Discord VIP channel
  4. Level 50 Bulbdog, ARKADE-colored 
  5. 1000 Bonus ARKADE Coins (instant)
  6. 1000 Bonus ARKADE Coins (each monthly renewal) *
  7. One Common Chibi (random) - only available for subscriptions!

* With VIP Discord you will be able to submit Support Tickets, view in-game chat across the cluster, and voice your opinions on important server decisions. You will join VIP Discord role and show up special in Discord, and get access to special test maps if we open for testing.