Discord VIP

When you purchase any package, you get the choice of giving us your Discord name. If we know your Discord name, we can make you a Discord VIP!

By adding your Discord name, you will be contacted within a day (usually within a few hours), and added to the new Discord VIP role, and we usually ask if you got everything ok. Normally purchases are all automatically given out, but if it's a Subscription, we want to be sure!

Discord VIP Perks

  • Verbal Thank You in Fireside by geeee - We name off all current subscribers each week their subscription is active, and all new, one-time donators for services the week they purchase
  • Warm Staff Welcome in the VIP channel
  • Discord VIP role - Highest community Discord role in the list (after staff)
  • Different color in Discord
  • Access to VIP Text/Voice channels
  • See in-game Ark Chat for all maps/clusters (except for the toxic Death Match)
  • Create your own Tickets, the only other people that can make tickets are staff and Tribe Reps
  • Vote channel
  • We may even invite you to test new maps or events

To get all these perks, when you make your purchase, just enter your Discord name! If you have no Discord, type "None". If you don't want anyone in Discord to know who you are, and/or don't want to be publicly thanked, simply type "Anonymous or ANON".

Discord VIP Duration

Your Discord VIP Duration will last at least 30 days, probably even longer, as we only update the list every wipe. Thank you for your donation and enjoy your perks!!!