PvP VIP Subscriptions

These VIP subscriptions are for the ARKADE PvP cluster only and renew every month.

Sign up for ARKADE's monthly subscription packages to help us pay for servers and advertising and get perks for that month! 

Each Tier will add a new exciting perk (featured in magenta). Some perks will be applied automatically, a few are instant, some will apply once you are in game. Certain perks will require Staff to set it up. 

  • Instant:  Bonus Coin Rate (Coin Rate may require re-logging into Ark to take effect); Coins
  • Automatically when you log onto Arkade: Skins/Costume Items; Dinos; 
  • Requires Staff assistance: Discord VIP role/access (allow us up to 24 hours to get you setup in Discord VIP) 

Wnat most of these perks but without the monthly commitment? Try our one-time VIP payments!

PvP Dodo Tier Subscription (VIP5)

5.00 USD View

PvP Bulbdog Tier Subscription (VIP10)

10.00 USD View

PvP Otter Tier Subscription (VIP25)

25.00 USD View

PvP Shinehorn Tier Subscription (VIP50)

50.00 USD View

PvP Glowtail Tier Subscription (VIP75)

75.00 USD View

PvP Raptor Tier Subscription (VIP100)

100.00 USD View