PvE Chibis

Get your Chibi collection completed here - random chibis from Common, Uncommon, Rare, to Very Rare!

Ultra Rare chibis (rarest of the rare), you will know what you're getting, we will offer them separately.

Purchase one random or a three-pack of chibis at a buy two get one free deal!


1 Common Chibi (PvE)

3.00 USD View

1 Uncommon Chibi (PvE)

4.00 USD View

1 Rare Chibi (PvE)

5.00 USD View

1 Very Rare Chibi (PvE)

7.50 USD View

3-pack Common Chibis (PvE)

6.00 USD View

3-pack Uncommon Chibis (PvE)

8.00 USD View

3-pack Rare Chibis (PvE)

10.00 USD View

3-pack Very Rare Chibis (PvE)

15.00 USD View

1 Shapeshifter (Large) Chibi (PvE)

15.00 USD View

1 Titan Chibi (PvE)

15.00 USD View

1 Pair-o-Saurs Chibi (PvE)

15.00 USD View

1 Cherufe Chibi (PvE)

15.00 USD View

1 Griffin Chibi (PvE)

15.00 USD View

1 Astrocetus Chibi (PvE)

15.00 USD View