PvE Chibis

Get your Chibi collection completed here - random chibis from Common, Uncommon, Rare, to Very Rare!

Legendary chibis (rarest of the rare), you will know what you're getting, we will offer them separately.

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1 Common Chibi (PvE)

1 Uncommon Chibi (Pv

3-pack Common Chibis

1 Rare Chibi (PvE)

3-pack Rare Chibis (

1 Sabertooth Chibi (

3-pack Uncommon Chib

3-pack Very Rare Chi

1 Rock Drake Chibi (

1 Small Ferox Chibi

1 Shapeshifter (Larg

1 Titan Chibi (PvE)

1 Pair-o-Saurs Chibi

1 Cherufe Chibi (PvE

1 Griffin Chibi (PvE

1 Astrocetus Chibi (

1 Unicorn Chibi (PvE

1 Phoenix Chibi (PvE